360° VR

“Psycho City, TX. is the best horror VR experience we have ever seen copy.” –Famous Monsters of Filmland

“PSYCHO CITY, TX. is the ‘Great Train Robbery,” of Virtual Reality.” – VR Cinematheque

“There’s nothing compromised or conventional about Robert Sexton… Not far from the films of Alejandro Jodorowsky (SANTA SANGRE) and Juan Lopez Moctezuma (ALUCARDA) in style and spirit.” – Rumourmachine

LA WEEKLY warned its readers about Robert Sexton’s work; “Watch out… Relentless… Not for the faint of heart.”

“(Robert Sexton) Ushers heavy metal into the age of Virtual Reality.” – THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

FANGORIA declares that, “(Robert Sexton)…Gets our stamp of approval!”

“(Robert Sexton)..Talented beyond measure” – Dread Central

BLOODYDISGUSTING.COM gushed that Sexton, “Drips and oozes with bloody brilliance.”

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Wall Street Journal premieres VR music video directed by Robert Sexton


Director Robert J. Sexton blazes a new trail in 360° VR in the commercial world. http://www.hollywoodasylum.com/vr

VR Guest Panelist – Midsummer Scream/Dread Central

Robert Sexton VR Guest Paneltist 360°

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Robert Sexton: Director and Emmy Award Winning Producer.