Who are we?

Located in the virtual heart of Hollywood, L.A. Spot Shop is a collective of seasoned, award-winning creators; Producers, Directors, Copy-writers, Editors and production/post-production crew members who work year round making the best commercials that money can buy.

What we do:

Everything. L.A. Spot Shop produces commercials, long or short, We produce in-house promotions, long-form projects, DVDs, direct-response ads, industrial films, internet content, viral campaigns and even Apps for IOS.

However you choose to market your business, we can handle every single stage of the process.

From devising creative solutions on the page, to executing professional level productions, to delivering the final edit that suits your needs — we take care of every step in a low impact, seamless and streamlined flow.

And not only do we do it all… we do it well, we do it efficiently, we do it on time and on budget. With L.A. Spot Shop, you get industry standard quality… without paying the industry standard price…

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(424) 666-0996